Industrial IoT - Internet of Things

Out of Darkness Cometh Light!

As IoT integrators we engineer sensor networks, secure them, operate cloud databases, plus design and write software. IoT enable products, add operational efficiency, or build new services. Tell us where you’re going and we’ll help you get there.

Our team consists of cloud and network experts with the ability to write custom software. It’s important to direct data to the correct sort of database the appropriate cloud, so you can do with it what you want. We don’t outsource or offshore our resources. Internet of Things is all about change the things in your world. What do you want to change? THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION  >

security & reliability

Secure data collection in the right cloud

Speed & performance

Low latency, powerful software, dynamic dashboard tool, 100% uptime

Custom, Rapid Solutions

Fully integrated BI tools configured to your specifications. Realistic 6-month goal, concept to implementation

The Caravela Smart City Network allows infrastructure and physical objects throughout an urban or suburban area to be quantified and monitored remotely and autonomously – capturing data, providing deeper understanding, sending alerts, monitoring conditions and more.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is the process of extracting data from PLCs to better understand things like uptime, downtime, productivity and maintenance needs to help make smarter, more informed decisions.


Water Technology

Water purity is massively important for manufacturing processes, in healthcare applications and for municipalities. IoT delivers real-time insights that enable immediate reaction to events and also tracks historical data allowing predictive management. These insights enable new business categories and revenue streams for specialist organizations and end-users alike.

Machine Learning Delivering Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning can transform and multiply business resources to serve customers better and offer new and differentiated services. Take your practical “secret sauce” intellectual property concentrated in a few, high-value individuals and effectively multiply those resources to scale your business. Machine learning solutions deliver artificial intelligence to automatically make real-time tweaks and changes to industrial processes with no human interaction. Caravela cannot tell a client what their analytics goals may be, but we can change their world.


Manufactured physical products break and subsequently need servicing. Specific usage data collection allows greater insight into how products are used and component failure rates, creating opportunities for revised component design for specific applications or environments. IoT can create entirely new product and service categories built on preventive monitoring that eliminate machine downtime. Creation of new services differentiates a business from its competitors by changing the playing field.

Change Your Things

Virtually every industry has the ability to materially benefit by leveraging the Internet of Things. Data can be captured and used to cross-sell and up-sell. Insurance products or service contracts can be sold “by the day” or “on demand”. Retail space can be rented out by the day or office space by the hour. Manufacturers can connect directly to their customers rather than go through distributors. Local governments can connect directly with their constituents. Legacy monitoring technology can be cheaply adapted to machine monitoring. The only real boundary is the fear of change.

What is Caravela?

Caravela is an IoT company providing cutting edge Internet of Things solutions that are fully integrated. From design through analytics, our team asks the right questions to provide the right solutions for your unique business.

Why Choose Caravela?

Our teams of data scientists works closely with clients to create integrated, enterprise-level self-service business intelligence tools that help identify how to drive new initiatives, growth and revenue. You’ll have a flexible, reliable partner in Caravela IoT.

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