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Only broad expertise and real-world experience in multiple technical and compliance disciplines prevent expensive missteps. We guide clients on networks, hardware, software, compliance and security to ensure a secure pathway to success. Tell us where you’re going and we’ll make sure you get there safely.

Our team consists of software and network experts with local roots and global experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is upon us. If you’re not using IoT to better understand your property, community or tenant needs, you’re missing out on potential opportunities to revolutionize your business . What do you want to learn? What will you do with the information? THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR IMAGINATION  >

Check Out Our Environmental Dashboard.

Caravela has created an Environmental Dashboard with weather and particulate matter readings, using sensors located right outside our office. See how an IoT dashboard could benefit your business or city here.  View Dashboard >

security & reliability

Secure and reliable data collection in the appropriate cloud

Innovative use of sensors

Single or combinations of sensors provide valuable insights

visualization Solutions

Easy to understand trend data and action requirement alarms

Smart Cities are run by a network of networks. Which one works best for a particular application, and what infrastructure is necessary to run it? It’s important to know what the costs and benefits of a particular network sensor solution.

There are sensors to measure pretty much anything. In our estimation, the ultimate goal of any application is to improve the lives of people using data to provide insights into something providing usable information that you would not have otherwise known.

4 Ways Smart Cities Solutions Will Revolutionize Community Living


With sensor networks constantly looking out for problems, property owners and managers can reduce the expense and complexity of watching over their investments and improve the levels of services provided to the people that live in them.


Capture of sensor data over time identifies performance trends that allow decisions based on real, actionable information that predicts needed repairs or helps control heating bills.

Resident Experience

Monitoring simple things such as temperature and humidity allows for improved living conditions, while noise and presence sensors improve personal security. Improving the lives of people is the ultimate goal of Smart Cities technology. 

Smart Buildings

Maintenance of properties is expensive, paying for manpower, trucks and tools. When sensors alert maintenance teams to water leaks or failed heating or poor indoor air quality, proactive SMS alerts tell the specific people what the problem is, where it is, and how to fix it.

Really Smart Buildings

Really Smart Buildings

Low-power, long-range sensor networks should be seen for what they are: a potentially disruptive technology. Better known by its acronym “LoRa”, the networks fulfill many of the same practical functions that other “smart building” networks do, but at a disruptive...

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What is Caravela?

Caravela is a Smart Cities IoT company providing cutting edge Internet of Things solutions to clients. From design through analytics, our team asks the right questions to provide the right solutions for your unique needs.

Why Choose Caravela?

Our experienced team works closely with clients to create integrated, data-driven solutions that help drive new initiatives, innovative services and revenue. You’ll always have a flexible, reliable partner in Caravela IoT.

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