Caravela has an IoT Proof of Concept underway for streaming data from a traditional PLC application.

We designed a 1U form factor appliance featuring Electric IMP and Intel platforms with a variety of inputs and outputs, including 4G connectivity. Our customer can quickly and easily enable analytics and start building models for machine learning. This greatly differentiates their service offerings to leapfrog their competitors and scale their business. Storage and compute are in the local Stack41 cloud for low-latency, predictable expense, and high availability. A web-based mobile app presents a high-level, easy to understand view of this application’s performance.

Utilizing the Electric IMP platform enables us to scale quickly and easily. Connected to a secure database, Caravela can manage millions of devices to monitor and update products in the field and deliver business insights in real time.

The platform enables end-to-end security, fully integrating the hardware and the cloud to continuously monitor and update the platform. This ensures applications are entirely secure today and in the future. Unlike other platforms, the practical benefit is to install the Electric IMP platform and don’t worry about ongoing security.

Above: The Electric IMP 003 chip on a breakout board above, is a highly integrated node with 2.4GHz WiFi used by Caravela for streaming data applications.