We have a winner! We were honored to receive so many responses and inquiries about our Smart City reverse RFP.

Winning projects receive technical help to establish their application successfully and also receive the benefit of our expertise in overall project integration, from sensor development through to data visualization.

The winner in the non-profit category is an application through a Milwaukee organization called LearnDeep to build tools to sense and measure blockages in storm drains. This is a big deal in urban environments because blocked storm drains lead to flooded roads and basements, and roadside waste being swept into area waterways causing many problems along the way.

Sensor and visualization development will be with the active participation of students and teachers from the STEM program at Milwaukee Public Schools, together with the Southeastern Wisconsin Watershed Trust

Initial deployment will detect storm drain blockages in the vicinity of Golda Meir School, and if the application is successful, can be deployed more broadly as part of the Adopt-a-Storm-Drain city-wide initiative. 

We are thrilled with the excitement this whole process has been met with – and excited to get started. Stay tuned for updates regarding this and an a winning announcement for our for-profit winner in the coming weeks!