YOU may be ready to implement IoT (Internet of Things) in your organization – but perhaps you have to sell it internally or need to justify the investment.


There are 5 simple questions to determine if your company is ready for IoT. If you answer “yes” to any or all, you have your answer: you can’t afford not to implement IoT. ASAP.


 1.     Have you outgrown your spreadsheets? Spreadsheets have been used to run manufacturing operations for years. As you know, there are so many things to track so that production processes run smoothly. Engineers and attendants input the data to track KPIs like responsiveness, product quality, operational efficiency, inventory management, compliance data, machine maintenance, profitability and more. But the information tends to be siloed, or there is too much to digest, or the output is unrecognizable, or even worse – it’s routinely expunged (gasp!).  

2.     Do you need more timely compliance? If you have to pass compliance standards for food safety, or for worker safety and the auditor is going to show up, is that a big deal? It doesn’t have to be.

3.     Do you need real-time data, not data that’s days old by the time you get it? The guys actually doing the work don’t always get to recording what they’ve done right after they do it. Sometimes they’re too busy, sometimes they forget. Life gets in the way of processes.

4.     Is the data input sometimes inaccurate, skewing the output? The guys inputting the data on the clipboard or in the spreadsheet enter it to the best of their knowledge. Sometimes the data is days old, sometimes they fat-finger a keystroke. Life gets in the way of accurate data.

5.     Would you save money with predictive maintenance on your machines? Bad news: A machine goes down during a production run. What’s the cost to your business? Good news: With predictive maintenance, you can repair it during planned downtime. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

 The more “yeses” you answered above, the more imperative it is to harness the power of IoT. Contact us today to schedule an informative, no-pressure conversation on what it would take to utilize the existing data you’re capturing to enable revenue-generating, operations-improving IoT to improve your bottom line. You can’t afford not to.