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Use Caravela’s expertise to plug the gaps in your own team’s capabilities to reach your IoT goals.

Change starts with data. Data is a unique reflection of the operations of the organization that produces it. Once compiled and analyzed, the data represents a treasury of concise insights into a business. Start streaming your data today, not tomorrow or the next day. We work closely with our clients to create self-service business intelligence tools that help their management team identify how to drive new initiatives, growth and revenue.

Elements of an IoT solution addressed and integrated together by Caravela IoT:

Security & compliance
Compliance will become more and more important as IoT applications proliferate. No application can be compliant without security. These areas are foundational to any solution. Data may need to be extracted from a protected location – we know how to work with a third party to help extract critical data in a secure manner.

Edge device / cloud / mobile connectivity
An application must ride a scalable, secure and simple platform. Understanding how to securely get information from origination to destination is vital.

Device management
Devices may need to be replaced; their software configured and updated, their functioning monitored. IoT devices need ongoing care and feeding.

Over the air updates
IoT networks are 2-way streets. Not only can data be pulled from a device, but also software can be pushed to it.

Communications latency
Latency is a vital factor in data collection for applications that rely upon performance. Tweaking app services or protocols can help lessen cloud latency, but there is no substitute for proximity of the database to the sensors. Read more about the Watershed Data Center concept by our partner, Stack41 >

Real time command and control
Devices have generic configuration ready for field deployment. Consistent and reliable network connectivity and database control are vital.

Data network design
The most important part of an IoT solution is network. Increasingly, people’s health and safety will become reliant on IoT applications. Partnership with a provider that is a network specialist will save time, money and ultimately lives.

Analytics / Business Intelligence (BI)
Flexible software and experience in applying it are the keys to a successful IoT engagement. Designers must not only ask the right questions, but also be accessible, customer-focused and dedicated.

PLC Application

Caravela is currently implementing IoT solutions for a traditional programmable logic controller (PLC) application. See how our partnership with Electric IMP is paving the way for completely integrated technology solutions with Caravela.

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