Weather and Particulate Matter Dashboard

Stack41 Weather
The data seen here was collected on a single device just outside our office, located in Milwaukee. We created this small project and dashboard to demonstrate the potential of IoT and Smart City solutions. Most of Caravela’s Smart City applications operate on a LoRa(Long Range) network. LoRa is a low power, long range network where all sensors communicate to a single gateway, which then communicates to the internet. Sensors can be placed within a 3 mile radius of the gateway and can can operate on a single button battery or solar power for multiple years, meaning they require minimal maintenance.

This device is configured to only collect data about weather. However, any kind of sensor could be used to collect data through LoRa. Potential Smart City applications includes tracking blockages in storm drains, monitoring flooding in coastal cities, or collecting data on air quality in multiple areas of a city. These are just a few examples of the power of LoRa and IoT, for more potential applications visit our website here

Iot Applications

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